2017 Season:                       
May 23-July 31

Welcome to Springwater Soccer 2017 Season!

We would like to thank you for registering your son/daughter with Springwater Soccer. It is sure to be another great soccer season!

When you register your son or daughter, you will receive a payment confirmation.

The next communication you will receive will be from your coach, prior to the start of the season. He /she will be calling the players on their team to make arrangements to meet players/family, pick up uniform and provide any additional information regarding the upcoming season.

The e-mail address you have provided will be our means of communicating with you! We will send e-blast messages to this address – We are also on Facebook and Twitter. Check them out for updated posts!

ATTENTION ALL COACHES – Soccer Skills Coaches Clinic
We will be offering Coaches the opportunity to participate in a skills Coaches Clinic prior to start of season.
We offered these informative and interactive sessions last year – was very well received with positive feedback, and skills/tasks that the coaches could apply to their practices/games.
Clinic will be run by Ray Wright (National A Licensed Coach)
Skills in: running a practice/rules of the game/positioning of players, game fundamentals etc)
Great opportunity to enhance your coaching knowledge/expertise
If you are interested in attending, please email: info@springwatersoccer.ca

**Calling on all Parents to Volunteer to Coach **
The success of our soccer program is a direct result of the great parents that volunteer their time to be Coaches and Co-Coaches.
We are challenged each season to get enough parents to volunteer to coach!
This is not a role that has to solely rest on one parent’s shoulders. It can be shared by 2 or 3 parents!
We appreciate parent’s work schedules – that is the benefit of having a couple of parents share in the coaching role!
It is a great way to be involved in your son/daughter’s sport and meet other parents in the community and have fun at the same time!
If you or other parents would like to volunteer to coach, please complete the Coaches Registration Form.
Thank you for your time and commitment!

If you have volunteered to coach or to be an assistant coach, you will receive a call from the Convener in April.  The Convener will provide you with your team list and confirm key dates you will need to know.

It is the generous support of community businesses that contribute to the success of recreational sports. As our club grows each season, we appreciate this support.  If you or someone you know would like to sponsor a team, please complete the Sponsorship form and e-mail to info@springwatersoccer.ca
We appreciate your generosity!

If you are interested in being a convener for your child’s age group, or would like to receive additional information regarding the convener role, please email info@springwatersoccer.ca for more information.  The convener’s role is to organize the teams and email team lists to the coaches.

Included in your registration fee, you receive:
Uniform: 3 yr-15 yr. olds – shirt, shorts and socks.
Also included are player/team photo, trophy, and pizza party at the end of the season.

It is mandatory that each player is to wear soccer shoes and shinguards (please ensure that shinguards fit child correctly (below the knee cap to the ankle). Shinguards are mandatory for all age groups except the 3 yr. olds (not mandatory for this age group).
If a player is NOT wearing shinguards – they will not be allowed to practice or play!
Players must play in the age group indicated on the registration form. Some exceptions will be considered.
Due to the large number of registrants, requests for placement of players with friends cannot be guaranteed.
Only 1 friend request will be honoured – unless it is family. Thank you for your understanding.

Extreme Weather Conditions
Cancellation of soccer due to weather conditions – extreme heat, severe rain storm, etc. will be posted on the Website, FB, Twitter and announced on Rock 95/B101/Star 107.5
Springwater Soccer reserves the right to determine if/when soccer will be cancelled due to weather – which in some circumstances can be prior to practice/game start.
If there is thunder and lightning, players, coaches, referees, parents/guardians are to leave the field.

Requests for refunds must be e-mailed to info@springwatersoccer.ca
If you registered online, we will refund you online – credit back to your credit card.
There will be a $25 administration fee deducted from the registration fee.
No refunds after June 30, 2017.  All refunds will be processed by the end of the season.
Returned cheques: A $30.00 administration fee will apply. Payment must be received in order for child to be registered to play.

Police Checks
It is the policy of Springwater Soccer Assoc. and the Ontario Soccer Association that all coaches/assistant coaches are required to complete a Police Record Check.
Record checks are to be updated every 36 months.
It is the responsibility of the coach to go to their local police station personally to complete the appropriate paperwork. There is no fee for the police check since it is a volunteer position with a youth recreational soccer league. You must obtain a letter from Springwater Soccer that requests the police check. We will email you the letter you need to take with you. Please submit your police check as soon as you receive it. Thank you!
**Social Media**
We communicate information to parents through Facebook, Twitter, website and email. These platforms are a great way for us to get info to you ASAP, as well, you can communicate to us any questions/inquiries.

We ask that when you post a message on FB or Twiter, to exercise thoughtfulness, respect and prudence.
It is at the discretion of Springwater Soccer, if posts are disrespectful or disparaging, we will remove those posts.
If you have a questions or concerns, please email info@springwatersoccer.ca

3 yr. olds: Tuesday
4 & 5 yr. olds: Wednesday
6 & 7 yr. olds: Thursday
8 & 9 yr. olds:  Monday
10/11 yr. olds: Tuesday
12/13/14/15 yr. olds: Wednesday

Season starts: Tuesday, May 23
Season End: Monday, July 31
For more information, please visit our website at www.springwatersoccer.ca. Thank you again for supporting Springwater Soccer - See you on the fields!